How to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing?

It seems to be a difficult task. Let’s accept the challenge to remove rust from a gun without damaging its bluing. But how? Do these theories really work and is it applicable to me also? How can these ideas be proven?

Well, all of the questions that are peeping through your mind are going to be answered through this blog shortly. Therefore, you need the patience to read through this and hopefully, you will not regret the investment of your time.

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Before I start my conceptual session, I personally want to take you into the depth of this problem, I mean the source of this problem of why a gun rusts in the first place

Why a Gun Rusts

There are a few reasons why a gun rusts. We are going to elaborate on these reasons in this section here

  • One of the significant reasons can be downpours. Assuming that you have overlooked a firearm uncovered in such a season, there are high possibilities of the rust arrangement on it because of the dampness in the air.
  • Another fact can be the environmental and weather-related factors. In the event, that you live close to the sea or ocean, high moisture levels can likewise cause rusting on the weapons.
  • The most widely recognized explanation is we, people. Indeed, you read it right! The perspiration in the possession of people can likewise cause rust. Convey firearms are inclined to trust the most.
  • Remain unused for a long time and the place where the gun is kept is not much dry or in a damp situation.
  • After using a gun, a lot of people usually forget to clean it properly. The sweat from their neck and hands can make it rust. Since sweat contains a large number of salt that are harmful to metal, it results in rust. 

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There can be some more reasons for resulting rust to a gun. These are the common reasons for guns being rusted. Being a bit more conscious of these reasons can be proven as a long-term solution to your question How to remove rust from a gun

Let’s move on to the main conceptual section of this article as I mentioned earlier. Actually removing rust from a gun can be done in several ways. And so now, I am going to describe the ways in my word, you can pick one of them according to your taste.

How to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing
                                                                                             How to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing

The first technique for removing rust from a gun 

This is a naive and simple technique, therefore it will likely take a very short time, maybe five to ten minutes to get your job done. You will likewise require the accompanying -:

  • Steel Wool ( 0000 )
  • Gun oil or thinner
  • Thick paper
  • A spotless fabric or a cloth (flannel cloth will be pretty good)
  • Firearm Oil and Steel Wool

Now the part comes to explore the technique:

Presently for this technique, in front of the rest of the competition paper on the table appropriately so there are no oil stains on it. Put the firearm on it. Now eliminate the Gun holds from the firearm to see the regions having rust. Then begin applying the firearm oil to the areas you see rusting. Add a couple of drops of the oil on it

Now take the 0000 steel fleece and begin scouring it on the areas with weapon oil in round movements. Be cautious while doing this progression. Then rub the fleece along the length of the recipient and barrel too to dispose of the rust totally.

Try not to rub enthusiastically as causing it would harm the dye of the weapon.

Take a clear fabric and wipe off the oil completely from it. Check on the off chance that any regions have rust, if indeed, rehash the technique. Continuously make sure to take a couple of drops of oil as it were. 

Clean the firearm and afterward store it for the situation to prevent it from rusting.

Try to check the districts of the weapon completely. Really take a look at the sections close to the screws, trigger, and so forth to guarantee that there is no rust on the gun. On the off chance that you find rust in such regions, eliminate it quietly by keeping the movements of the fleece round.

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The second technique for removing rust from a gun

Assuming you have a weapon that is very significant, for example, a unique collectible for instance, then, at that point, you might need to utilize entering oil all things considered.

Entering oil is very normal with WD-40 being the most unmistakable. It can eliminate the rust rapidly without harming the metal. You will likewise require the accompanying.

  • Papers
  • Tissues
  • Copper Coin
  • Copper is a delicate metal that doesn’t scratch in a similar way as the steel fleece.

First of all, set the firearm on the paper and shower it with the WD-40. Then make certain to cover all regions where there is rust present. Let the WD-40 absorb for a considerable length of time with the goal that it enters the rust.

Utilize the edge of the copper coin to scratch off the slackened rust. Try not to delve in with the penny as this would leave copper stains behind. Shower the rust again with the WD-40 on the off chance that it isn’t falling off.

Utilizing the penny can be a piece tiring since it is little. You can hold it with something bigger like pincers, for instance, so your hand doesn’t wear out. In any case, you actually should be cautious as you would abandon marks.

Well, you can perform this task with a sponge also. You can use Coca-Cola or Pepsi instead. Then you can keep it soaking for several hours. It will remove a large amount of rust. Then finally you can use the sponge to rub the rest of the rust. A lot of YouTube content creators have tested its usability. hope you get the ans of your question How to remove rust from a gun


So, since you have said goodbye to the rust on your weapon, ensure that it doesn’t return. To keep the rusting under control, cover the gun with the firearm oil and store it in a dry and cool spot. Ensure that you keep a ‘beware’ caution of the weapon and dispose of the rust at whatever point you see it.

It is really not that easy how it looks to remove rust from a gun without damaging the bluing, hence we need to perform it. Since bluing is an admirable performer to protect the metal barrel of a gun, we may not hamper it, rather we should apply the circumstances above. Hope this article will be proven helpful for you. Have a nice day with your gun.

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