How to keep hermit crabs warm without a heater -2022

You are undoubtedly the keeper of delicate creatures if you are making an aquarium ready to host some wonderful hermit crabs within. You might wonder, “How to keep hermit crabs warm without a heater?” Providing the proper temperature and humidity conditions is a must for these delicate creatures to grow.

For keeping hermit crabs warm, you do not need a heater. You can still keep them warm without the help of a heater. There are many ways you can do that and keep your hermit crabs safe by providing the appropriate temperature.

Keeping hermit crabs can be a difficult task, as you will need to maintain a certain temperature for them to thrive. However, this article will provide you with the methods you can use in this regard. From keeping your hermit crabs safe to comfortable without a heater.

Ways of keeping hermit crabs warm without a heater

If you are wondering about how you can make your hermit crabs warm without spending money on a heater, you have come to the right place. Here are some methods for keeping hermit crabs warm without a heater:

  • Using warm water to spray them

Increasing the moisture in the container will assist in increasing the warmth level immediately. Spraying warm water is going to enhance the humidity. It will also raise temperature almost instantly because of the water’s heat. To maintain a higher level of humidity in the aquariums, owners of crabs often sprinkle them with non-chlorinated fresh water.

Boiling non-chlorinated water just for two to four minutes before spraying it all over the tank is a great technique. It keeps the hermit crabs warm and damp at the very same time. After a few minutes of sparkling the boiling water, the hot water will significantly raise the temperature of your aquarium.

  •  Heat lamps

One of the most efficient methods to warm your hermit crabs’ whole tank is to use heat lamps. However, they may easily be overused. Ensure that you place the light far away from the container to avoid overheating the space and cooking the crabs. Use a thermometer. Maintain a close check on it until you are sure that the heat bulb is at the proper distance from the container. Once ensured, you can rest assured.

  • Warming Hands

Whenever you need to make your hermit crabs warm while on the go, using hand warmers seems to be the ideal answer. You can find these at practically any shop. Simply drop them into the crabs’ cage after they have begun to warm up, hand warmers will begin to warm up the space.

  • Place Them in a Warmer Environment

It is conceivable that your hermit crabs might be kept in a cold spot in the home. Even during the winter, most people just keep their houses at a comfortable temperature for hermit crabs. All you need to do is find a warmer space in the house and move your hermit crabs’ aquarium there.

  • Make use of a humidifier.

If you have learned how to care for hermit crabs, you are surely aware that they require a humidity level of at least 70percent in their homes. It is possible to enhance the humidity level in the container to help maintain everything wet and warm.

Increasing the moisture in your hermit crab’s tank, particularly when you are using a hot air humidifier, can assist you to make the tank warmer. Humidifiers heat water to produce humidity, which also warms the space in which they are placed, providing you with the extra advantage of warming up your hermit crabs even while guaranteeing that the humidity level is high enough.

  •  Increase the Substrate

Hermit crabs should have around 4 inches of sand in their enclosure. However, by adding a little extra, you may be able to maintain your crab’s ideal temperature. Burrowing is simpler for them as the ground gets deeper because this helps the crabs to remain warm by sheltering themselves within the base.

Please remember that burrowing will not work if your hermit crab is exposed to extreme cold conditions. It will be harmful to both your hermit crabs and you if your residence does not have a warming source throughout the colder season.

  •  Ensure that the enclosure is properly insulated.

To preserve the heat in your crabs’ tank, drape blankets or towels over it. This is a very effective method when used in conjunction with the hand warmer approach. To keep the temperature, put a hand warmer inside the aquarium and drape some towels over the exterior. Because you will be protecting the container with sheets or blankets, the heat within will rise quickly. The heat will not escape easily.

Hermit Crabs’ Favorite Temperature

During the day, the optimal temperature range is 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures might range from 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night, depending on how active they are. If you are concerned about what temperature is harmful and drives these critters to hibernate, it is 62 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

How can you cool down the hermit crabs?

Did you make the surroundings too hot while focused on warming up your hermit crabs? What options do you have now? The only choice is to lower the temperature as quickly as possible.

Freeze a few water bottles or soda cans. Now, place one maybe two in the hermit crab container, based on how warm it has become, to cool down your hermit crabs container’s temperature.


Hermit crabs are difficult to keep at home. It is important to maintain the right temperature for your crabs since these critters are quite sensitive. If you do not maintain a tight check on the crabs, the temperature within their container may get frigid. Not using a heater only increases the risks. Though using a heater to keep your hermit crabs warm is the safest option, you may experiment with alternative ways to find which one works best for you. I hope that this post on “how to keep hermit crabs warm without a heater” and the methods mentioned above will be of use to you.

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