How to get roaches out of TV – Complete Guide

If you are reading this article. Then you must need to get roaches out of your TV set. You should get rid of the cockroaches from your TV as soon as possible because they might wreck your TV. Here I will mention some points to clear out cockroach infestation from TV devices.

Cockroach infestation is remediable. It is important to take this issue seriously and follow accurate methods to eradicate it. Certain methods such as – freezing solution, pressurized air. And poisoned bait are proven beneficial to wiping out cockroach infestation. And once the extermination is done, proper precautions should be taken so that cockroaches don’t come back in the future.

The reason why cockroaches get into TV

The warm environment of electronics like TV attracts cockroaches to get into it. The tiny gap midst of the electronic wires helps roaches hide. The electricity running through the wires makes the environment inside the TV set a warm and humid place for the insects. The warmness that a TV device offers helps the roaches breed.

How to get roaches out of TV

Methods of exterminating roaches

You should be careful while eliminating roaches from your TV.  Do not use roach bombs or roach sprays to remove the roach infestation because it could damage the components inside the TV. You can use the following methods to exterminate cockroaches –

  • Freezing solution:

The most important part of the freezing method is to check the manual of the TV device beforehand. Not all TV devices can withstand freezing or cold temperature. It should be stated clearly in the TV user manual. The first and foremost job is to look over the manual. If it states that the TV can hold out against the cold temperature, then go for the next step.

First, switch off the TV and let the TV set be cool for a while. Then put it in a thick plastic bag that won’t rupture and can handle easily. Next, seal the plastic bag with strong appropriate duct tape so that no water can break into the bag and damage the TV set. Now place the plastic bag with the TV set in the freezer for 3 to 5 days. Note that, if the temperature is freezing where you live, then you can just keep the plastic bag with the TV set in a place like where it can freeze in the cold weather.  One way or other you have to wait for 3 to 5 days to let the roaches freeze.

You can remove the TV from the freezer after that and take off the plastic bag carefully. You must wait 1-2 days and let the components of the TV dry.  This will ensure none of the parts of the TV is damaged due to the cold weather. The roaches will die by that time because cockroaches can’t live in a chilly place.

This method can seem a bit time-consuming and risky but it is worth a try. But if you are too afraid to mess with your TV set then you can simply switch off the TV and keep it switched off for a few days to let it cool. If you are lucky enough the cockroaches might leave for not having a warm environment around them. 

  • Use poisoned bait:

If you are worried about keeping your TV in a freezer you can use the boric acid trap, gel bait, bait station around the TV set to eradicate the roaches. You will have to make sure that the bait should be put in such spots. So that when roaches come off for food, that’s the first food they confront. Poisoned bait will attract the roaches who will consume it and die. This method is one of the most effective ways to exterminate cockroach infestation without risking the electronic parts of your TV. However, you will need to remove the dead cockroaches left inside the TV. You can look for a way later to eliminate the dead roaches once you ensure every one of the cockroaches are dead inside the TV and it won’t damage your TV any further.

If you can still see some cockroaches inside your TV, you can repeat the same process after 1-2 weeks until all the roaches die. 

  • Pressurized air:

Using pressurized air is another effective method. To use this method, you have to put your TV outside your house and use a pressurized air canister that has a tapered tip. It will help you to get the needed pressure pointing at the TV inside.  You have to make sure that the air comes out of the tip with much force so that it can remove all the dirt, debris, feces, and eggs from the TV.

If you are too busy to get rid of the roach infestation on your own and have no issues with money, you can call pest control professionals. They will have the best solution to your problem without damaging your TV device. In that case, ensure that they eradicate all the traces of roach infestation and other bugs from your home.

Preventing the roaches from entering the TV

It is very important to take precautions so that insects can’t enter your electronic devices.  The roach’s invasion can be avoided easily. If you take enough safety measures. You have to keep your home clean enough. So that no bad odor can be created. Empty your rubbish bin regularly and dispose of all the food waste every day. Keep your cooking utensils clean. Do not keep the food out overnight. Seal all the insect probable entry points of your home. Set up preventive traps. Clean up any spoils or standing water that can be reachable to insects. Disinfect and clean your electronic devices regularly.

How to get roaches out of TV

To prevent the cockroaches from getting into your valuable TV set or any other electronics. You need to ensure you don’t have roaches in your home. Inspect your basements, attics, storerooms, hollow spaces regularly. And disinfect the probable areas of your home regularly that can be invaded by pests.

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Cockroaches prefer dirty, dusty, dark, warm places to breed and live in.  That is the reason they get into electronic devices like TV.  To get the roaches out of the TV you have to follow appropriate methods as soon as possible before they damage your TV device. Future roach infestation can only be avoided. If you take proper care of your home and clean your surroundings properly. 

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