The Best Free Video Editing Software for Easy and Quality Editing

Video editing is one of the essential tasks for filmmakers and YouTubers. Though you may get over a million options to edit your videos, you should choose the best one to get the best services.

So, it is pretty usual to have confusion about what to choose. Video editing software companies give their services for free and paid.

Besides the paid version, many best free video editing software can still fulfill your demand.

Usually, paid versions offer more advanced features for professional and personal needs. However, many paid software companies are too costly to purchase.

In contrast, free versions are still good in this competition. Though these tools have some common issues like excessive ad showing, reserve limitations, etc., many of them serve well.

This content will give an honest overlook of some fantastic free video editing software for windows.

Again, we also place the reviews for Android, Mac, iPhone, and other devices.

Also, through this review article, you will get the proper guideline for downloading and using them.

Introductions to the best free video editing software:

Best free video editing software

Video editing software is used in movie making, audio enhancing, and personal file editing for social media. A better quality view is needed that can attract the viewers more.

Features of various filters, cutting and cropping methods, speed, audio, etc., make these tools worthy. Also, traditional methods are more likely annoying than this digital version.

Free editing tools have some primary to developed features. Again, the common characteristics are various filters and effects, audio settings, 3D/4D collaboration, video compressing tools, etc.

We recommend some top-quality free video editing tools among too many editing software.

The best free video editing software for laptops/windows 7-11 Under 32-64 bit:

  • Shortcut:

For various filter and effect options, use Shortcut. Encoding and decoding options are also available on this tool.

Again, the accessible surface and entirely free version give you more comfort to apply to your movies and personal editing.

  • DaVinci Resolve:    

DaVinci Resolve is the best for filmmaking. DaVinci Resolve gives a high-quality look in movies with a great color grading sequence.

Moreover, the video setup system and the audio combination make the tool perfect for film projects.

  • Lightworks:

Lightworks is a fabulous editing tool with traditional and digital features. It can give your video the top movie quality smooth surface.

With this software, you can make custom UI designs for your videos.

  • Hitfilm Express:

If you find an overall option for your editing, Hitfilm Express is the only option. Even you will get many advance paid features in it for free.

Also, the 3D/4D collaboration allows the tool to co-operate with professional needs. However, to use this software, you should have a high-configuration laptop.

  • Blender:

Animation movies are perfect for use with Blender. For better color quality and interface, Blender enhances the beauty of animations.

You can take individual slices of your video with it. Also, the other features offer you to make a deep analysis of your project.

Best free video editing malware software For (Android, Pc, Mac, iPhone, Gaming, Chromebook.):

  • Android:

Besides windows, nowadays, free Android apps are popular for video editing. However, these tools are not eligible for large projects like moves.

You can use them only for your job or usual video editing. Funimate, KineMaster, AndroVid, VivaVideo, FilmoraGo, etc., are more familiar.

For Mac and iPhone, there are some high-quality video editing tools. With this software, you can only edit on Mac and iPhone.

Again, among the other instruments, iMovie is the most popular. Also, Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve are available for Mac and iPhone users.

Google Photos are preferred for Chromebook users. Besides, YouTube Studio, KineMaster, WeVideo, OpenShot, etc., are also eligible for Chromebook.

  • PC and Gaming:

PC users and Gaming videos need different types of video editing software—Filmora, Shotcut, Blender, Lightworks, Hitfilm Express, etc.

Are suitable for PC and gaming. Again, gaming videos need some basic to advance features for editing. You can use Adobe Premiere Pro for the developed characteristics.

How to install or download the best free video editing software?

  • Step-1: Find out your desirable software through the browser

Open the browser window and search your desirable software by name. Pick out the original website and find out the downloading options. You may see a lot of device downloading options here.

  • Step-2: Get the software

To get your software, select your device compatibility and click the button. The downloading button may take you to another page on the website. After that, like the bit options which is suitable for your device. If you don’t know the bit of your device, check it through the device control panel. Lastly, select the version that you want to get and click the final download button. Your software will be downloaded after a while.

  • Step-3: The installation process

To install the software on your device, you may go through some steps with various pop-up options. Firstly, open the software file from your device and extract the program if it is a zipped file. Now, select the install option and follow the steps. Always choose the affirmative options from the pop-ups. However, you must change it manually if you want to disagree with any action.

How to use video editing software?

Video editing software offers various fascinating features. If you can use them properly, you will get the best result. Both free and paid versions allow editing with essential to advanced features.

Here we give a short description of how you use them correctly.

  •   Open the tool from your device first. You can run it from the search options bar of your device. Also, there is an option on the Photos app of your computer. You can open the software from it as well.
  •   Now select the video in the selection button. Some tools don’t show the selection button. In this case, place your tape on the software by drag and drop.
  •   Save the video with a meaningful name. You will get folder options to save the file. Select one as your wish and save the file.
  •   After that, you will reach the editing features. Select the features and apply them to your project.
  •    These software tools allow you to edit and customize your video settings, sound, color grading quality, and more.

Helpful Features for All video editing software:

Video editing Features

SL No Software Name Feature-1 Feature-2 Version for all video editing software:


1. Shortcut It can work with too many effects and filter options. It can contain a large format while editing a project. The latest version is- 22.03.30.
2. DaVinci Resolve High configuration software that allows working on large projects. Excellent color grading and correction options give the display a high-resolution look. Latest version- 17.4.4
3. Lightworks With customized UI designs, it is eligible for most video editing projects. So easy to use and free of cost with essential to advanced features. Latest version- 2021.1
4. Hitfilm Express High-quality 2D and 3D effects offer the best 3D outlook. You need a high-configuration device to run this tool. Latest version- 2021.3
5. Blender Best software for animation making. Color grading and integration give the display a fantastic look. Latest version- 2.93 LTS
6. Windows Video Editor Auto movie and preview options. 3D effects to make a more eye-catching display. Latest version- 2022.1
7. iMovie Cloud-storage options to secure the files. High-quality display as like as the films. Latest version- 3.0
8. KineMaster Plenty of effects, stickers, filters, and fonts. There are eight blending options for color grading. Latest version-


Best free video editing software without the watermark:

Watermark contains the genuineness of the maker. It gives proof of editing through that company’s software. Also, the watermark prevents copyright hassles.

However, though a watermark is essential, users feel annoyed with this object over their video surfaces. Besides, it may reduce the viewer number from the videos.

So, it will be best to use software without a watermark to avoid these issues. We recommend Shortcut, DaVinci Resolve, iMovie, Hitfilm Express, and Blender. These software tools without watermarks are on our list.


Video editing software has become a demandable tool nowadays. For this reason, most companies fix a high price range to buy these software tools.

However, they still offer free versions of those tools with essential to advanced features. If you find your budget low, you may pick any of these options.

We also recommend choosing the free versions as a trial first. So, we hope you’ll benefit from our best free video editing software list for your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos for free?

Answer: Most YouTubers use Adobe Premiere Pro for their video editing. Besides, Lightworks, Adobe After Effects, Shotcut, and iMovie are popular among YouTubers.

  • Do most YouTubers use it to edit their videos?

Answer: The answer is yes. YouTube videos lose their actual resolution after uploading. This threats the video quality. That’s why most YouTubers use software tools to edit their videos.

  • What does Markiplier use to edit his videos?

Answer: American YouTuber, filmmaker, and podcast host Markiplier are also famous online. He used to edit his videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

We all are aware of the sophistication of this tool. And still, this tool is on the favorite list of many users.

  • Do Windows 10 have a free video editor?

Answer: Windows 10 has already installed a free video editor for its users. This editor can do your project’s basic to mid-level editing.

  • Is VSDC free?

Answer: VSDC Company makes their tool available for every windows holder PC and laptop. So, you can use it for free.

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