7 Best Free Video Editing Software For Android Users 2022

The Android version is probably the most effortless digital networking. Nowadays, almost all types of software are available as the app version for Android. Even with an Android, users can do everything from picture capturing to video editing. So, now, you can edit your videos with the best free video editing software for Android at home.

However, if you’re thinking of picking a free version for your Chromebook, you may try our 7 best free video editing software for Chromebook professional use.

Video editing software companies lunch their free and paid versions to the customers. Most paid versions are costly and offer only a few advanced features.

However, you can get these features for free ones also. Again, some of the paid versions are not supported on Android. And that is the reason why we recommend using the best free tools.

In this context, you will learn about our top considerations about the free version. Also, we keep some bonus options if you want to know more about these tools.

Our top and additional list, watermark list, and online list also enrich your knowledge about Android video editing tools.

7 Best free video editing software for Android users:

free video editing software for Android

  • KineMaster:

KineMaster has the trimming facilities for editing videos. Also, you can cut and edit videos according to frames. You can edit videos up to 4k resolution. Besides, this app will allow you to transition, blend, and filter with various effects.

  • AndroVid:

With Androvid, you can edit your videos like a pro. It offers various filters and effects like a blur. Also, this app’s beneficial features are trimming, cutting, and cropping.

Moreover, you can add music and soundtracks with a few touches. You can cut your unwanted clips from the video. Even you can convert your videos into audio with AndroVid easily.

  • FilmoraGO:

If you want to edit your videos like a PC user on your Android, you must try the FilmoraGo video editing app. It offers various features like cropping, rotating, and trimming also.

Again, you can set background sound and voiceover on your videos with this app. This app contains many motion elements to enhance the editing.

  • InShot:

InShot is suitable for social media video editing. Choose this fantastic app if you want to edit your videos for social websites.

With this app, you can adjust your speed and display filters easily. Also, audio and video filters allow you to set the video resolution.

  • Quick Video Editor:

This video editor is so easy to use. The Quick video editor has transitions, filters, and other elements to edit videos. If you want to short videos of high quality, Quick is the best option.

Also, this app will make a deep analysis to provide you with more resolution.

  • Funimate:

Funimate serves you all the professional video editing options in the easiest way. With this video editing app, you can edit your videos for a lot of fun.

In Funimate, you will get a free slideshow, filters, effects, and various soundtracks.

  • Adobe Spark:

For better editing, Adobe Spark is the best choice. With many filters and audio tracks, you can enhance your video quality.

Also, the most attractive feature of this app is its automatic video-making process. After selecting the pictures, this tool will make a video quickly.

List of video editing software for Android:

There are a thousand options for Android video editing software. Besides our top list, you can choose these options for your device. Here we will suggest some more free and paid tools that are also beneficial.

Free video editing software:

  • Magisto
  • Splice
  • PowerDirector
  • Filmmaker
  • VivaVideo
  • Quik
  • VidTrim

Paid video editing software:

  • FilmoraGo Pro
  • KineMaster Pro
  • VivaVideo Pro
  • Filmr
  • WeVideo
  • Video Show
  • Magisto Pro

Easy To use:

Now, we recommend some easy video editing software that is user-friendly. Most beginners want to start learning their editing skills with accessible software.

However, every tool is not an easily accessible and easy user interface. Here is our easy-to-use list:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • WeVideo
  • PowerDirector
  • Splice
  • Funimate
  • Androvid
  • InShot

Safe and secure:

You can ask what video editing software is safe and secure to use. Among too many tools, some software may contain malware.

For this reason, you must inquire about the website before using any device. Here are our safe considerations:

  • Filmora
  • Kinemaster
  • Adobe premiere clip
  • Adobe Spark
  • VivaVideo
  • Magisto
  • Quik

How to Install or download step by step:

free video editing software for Android without the watermark

  • Step-1: Find out the software website

First, open your browser from your device. After that, browse the name of the particular software name that you want to download.

Find out the original website of your desired tool. You can use Google Play Store to download your desirable app.

  • Step-2: Download the video editing software

When the software website window opens, you can see the download option anywhere on the page. Click the button, and they take you to the download page.

It may want some app permissions for you. Allow all the permissions. Again, select the device option and press the download button. It downloads quickly and saves on your device.

  • Step-3: Installation of the software:

After downloading, the installation process will start working automatically in Android. You can select the options manually if you want to make some changes. And now your software is ready for editing.

Available version and feature:

SL No Software Name Latest Version Updated Date Android Version File Size Developer Name
1. KineMaster February 9, 2022 Android 4.1 or higher 96.55 MB NexStreaming
2. AndroVid January 1, 2021 5.0 and up 33M AndroVid
3. FilmoraGO 6.6.1 April 11, 2022 7.0 and higher Depending on the device FilmoraGO
4. InShot 1.815.1352 March 23, 2022 5.0 and up 54M InShot
5. Quick Video Editor Varies with device April 14, 2022 Varies with device Varies with device GoPro
6. Funimate 12.6 April 22, 2022 5.0 and up 212M AVCR Inc.
7. Adobe Spark 7.7.0 April 21, 2022 8.0 and up 59M Adobe

 Best simple free video editing software for Android without the watermark:

Many users don’t like watermarks in edited videos. Though the watermark defines the software company, sometimes it may become annoying.

That’s why people find video editors without watermarks. Here is our without watermark list:

  • ActionDirector
  • Go, Pro Quik
  • VN Video Editor
  • VLLO
  • CapCut
  • YouCut
  • Kruso

Best free video editing software for Android online:

free video editing software for Android online

You can use online video editors for your Android device. For this, you need an internet connection, and you will get all the features for editing your videos. If you like to edit your videos online, this list is for you.

  • HippoVideo
  • MovieMakerOnline
  • WeVideo
  • Adobe Spark
  • Animoto
  • Flyr

The bottom line:

Android users have the opportunity to use all types of software as the app version. Many video editing software companies now offer app versions for free. With these tools, you can easily edit your videos with only a few clicks.

Besides, you can use these apps for free for personal and professional needs. So, try the best free video editing software for Android if you want to edit your videos.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • How do I edit a video on mobile online?

Answer: Firstly, download a good-quality video editor on your mobile. Please open it and choose your video. After that, you will find all the editing options.

Edit your video with the features according to your need. When your editing is completed, save the video and enjoy it.

  • What is the most accessible app to edit videos on Android?

Answer: Power Director is the most accessible app to edit videos on Android. With this app, you can edit all the professional editing with a few clicks.

Also, this app will provide you the high-resolution videos within a short time. Using this app will be worth your editing.

  • Is Filmora free for Android?

Answer: Filmora provides a free version to Android users. This app will get many filters, effects, audio, and video clips.

Again, this app allows you to change the background image and make animations. Filmora’s free version provides all the basic features with some advanced benefits.

  • What app do YouTubers use to edit their videos on Android?

Answer: Most YouTubers use PowerDirector to edit their videos on the Android version. This app has both free and paid options.

Also, you will get many excellent advanced options in this software. So, if you’re planning to edit your YouTube videos on Android, try this app for better results.

  • How do you edit YouTube videos for free on Android?

Answer: KineMaster app is the best for editing YouTube videos on Android than other free options. With this app, you can do all types of editing easily. It provides video recording, various audio filters, and other advanced features.

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